Tools and Accessories

Our comprehensive range of tools and accessories consists of units produced by world-leading manufacturers; use of the tools and accessories will boost the production output. If the workshop’s machine tools, robots and automation systems are supplemented by correctly chosen and high-quality tools and accessories. the production flexibility will be optimal and the workshop’s competitive ability unrivalled.










We can offer more than 60000 different tools which you may need for metalworking, more than 40000 of them we have in stock and ready to deliver them as soon as possible.

Highest quality ATORN trademark, ORION tools which are economic class and many other world famous tool brands at your disposal.

Metal cutting tools

Clamping tools

Measuring tools

Test equipment

Workshop equipment

General tools

Grinding tools

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Highest quality indexable tools for metal cutting, wide range of inserts for various situations and challenges which can help you optimize production – it’s Tungaloy.

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This is international tool manufacturing company which always looks forward. In order to offer our customers the latest technologies, heimatec developing and improving the static and active tools for highest reliability, precision and power transmission level.

heimatec heimatec heimatec heimatec

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Lang Technik – 5-axis machining and manufacturing optimization experts. The perfect, combined package of work holding, zero-point clamping and automation, along with our unrivaled stamping technology help for our customers to increase efficiency and competitiveness in their field.

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In 1932 Albrecht created keyless chunk for drills which became one of the most popular clamping tool in the world and since than Albrecht is known for quality and innovations. Even now Albrecht presented new generation of APC milling holder. This chunk has invincible stability, accuracy and vibration reduction ratio which helps to maximize the use of your CNC milling machine tool capabilities.

Albrecht_Neuheit2 Spannfutter-Verlängerung-Schnitt APC 72 dpi

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OK – VISE is a well-recognized international Finnish trademark, best known as an original inventor and manufacturer of the wedge-operated low-profile clamps. OK-VISE products are used in workholding, especially in fixtures used in machining centers and milling machines. With OK-VISE components a variety of workpiece types, sizes and materials can be securely held on all possible workholding platforms.