MATSUURA Pallet Automation


Automation and Unmanned Systems

Matsuura’s “work style reform” achieved through technology

Matsuura’s original automation and unmanned running systems can provide a solution to labor shortages by using working hours effectively. These systems can be installed as an option for Matsuura’s 3-axis / 5-axis machining centers to automate tool changes and pallet changes using programs, drastically improving the productivity in your workshop.


What is an automated / unmanned system?

More spindle hours and higher machine utilization

Installing ATC tool magazines and APC pallet systems as options with Matsuura 5-axis machining centers allows the machines to automatically continue production without human intervention, even during the night.


Machine Lineup

List of machines compatible with MATSUURA floor or tower pallet systems.


Floor Pallet System

H.Plus series
MAM series
MX series


Tower Pallet System

H.Plus series
MAM series
CUBLEX series


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