RoboTrex 96 Automation System


Just like to proven RoboTrex 52 automation system, the new RoboTrex 96 operates the machining center from an automation trolley, which serves as a storage medium for the vises. Depending on the part size, the trolley can store up to 16 vices. RoboTrex is optionally available with up to four trolleys, which means that the storage capacity can be increased to up to 64 vices. The heart of the system is the patented vertical positioning of the vices: it ensures maximum space utilization and guarantees best accessibility. The external pre-loading of the automation trolleys allows RoboTrex Automation to be re-equipped within seconds. This ensures that no unnecessary downtimes of the machining center are caused.

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website – Lang technik or contact our team .