GOODWAY Lathe Machines

Ultimate Machining Power

Multi-Tasking Turning Capabilities

Established in the 1975, Goodway is the largest and most advanced manufacturer in Taiwan that specializes in the development and manufacturing of CNC turning and grinding machines. With over 40 years of experience, quality, and value, Goodway offers one of the most extensive lines in the machine tool market today – starting from small swiss type machines to large scale turning centers.


Multi-axis Turning Centers

GTH series
GTW series
GTS series








GTZ series



Vertical Turning Centers

GVI series
GV-500 series
GV-780 series








GV-1000 series
GV-1 series
GVF series








SUPER GV series



Horizontal Turning Centers

GLA series
GA series
GCL-2 series








GLS-150 series
GLS-2800/3300 series








GS-200 series
GS-2000 / GS-3000 series
GS-4000 series







GS-6000 series
GS-8000 series
HA series








TS-100 series



Swiss Turning Centers

SW-20II / 30II








SD series




GR series


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