Heimatec is an international metalworking instrument manufacturer with a relentless view of the future. To provide its customers with the latest technology, Heimatec designs and develops a wide range of products, from standard static and active tools to fully customized solutions for your production process delivering the highest levels of performance and precision. 


Tools for turning centers

For turning centers and turning machines from all well-known manufacturers, Heimatec offers the specialist a broad range of driven tools and secure holders. In addition to axial and radial construction forms, Heimatec has available multi-spindle machines, high-speed tools, universal heads and broaching units.


Driven tools for turning centers

Maximum productivity and performance

For more than 30 years heimatec has had access to wide-reaching expertise in the development and production of driven tools and offers here the widest range of the sector. Equipped with superior bearing technology, heimatec’s driven tools distinguish themselves to the maximum degree in terms of performance, as well as longevity.


Static tools for turning centers

Paint WZ VDI

Tools for cost-efficient turning

As one of the leading manufacturers of precision tools, Heimatec offers a massive choice of static tooling units for turning centers. The range is available with standard VDI, as well as BMT interfaces and includes among others boring bar and turning holders, bar pullers and cut-off holders.


Multi-spindle heads and high-speed tools


Special series tools

The program of individual specialist tools from Heimatec encompasses multi-spindle tools, high-speed tools and many further special variants. For highly productive processing on turning centers, multi-spindle tools are indispensable today, as with them processing with multiple tools on one machine is equally as viable as multiple processing on one workpiece.


Tools for swiss type lathes


Considerable longevity and great workmanship

The SwissTooling tooling program from Heimatec distinguishes itself with considerable longevity, as well as the highest workmanship in the industry. Insisting on the best possible spindle bearing technology and ground gear components, as well as housings and spindles of the maximum possible rigidity, Heimatec has invented some of the most renowned tool solutions in the industry.


Tool change systems

heimatec capto

Efficient and flexible tool change systems

Today, workpieces generally need to be machined using multiple tools, which in turn means that tool changes are required during the machining process. To keep the machine’s retooling and setup times as short as possible, the application of quick-change systems has been introduced.


Heimatec.u-tec Universal Changing System

u-tec Wechselsystem

For fast, flexible and cost-effective tool changing

The driven Heimatec.u-tec tools are designed with a collect chuck according to DIN 6499, which allows the user to use the driven tools without additional tool adapters.


Heimatec easy-quick HT quick-change system

easy-quick schnellwechsel

World’s first quick-change for driven tools

Specially designed for fast changes of driven and static tools allowing users to quickly preset different tool inserts with market-standard tool adapters outside the machine and when required, simply, safely and quickly install them back in the machine with just one hand.


Heimatec.capto quick-change system

capto wechselsystem

Quick-change system for tools with CAPTO holders

The modular heimatec.Capto is a modular fast change tool system, which can be used in all machine types and features a compact design with short projection lengths, which allows high cutting speeds to be achieved with the greatest possible tool flexibility for Capto sizes C3, C4, C5, C6 and C8.


Tools for machining centers

Werkzeuge Bearbeitungszentrum

Top performance during milling, boring, reaming and tapping

Designed for the most difficult manufacturing tasks, heimatec offers a comprehensive program for machining centers of standard and customer-specific precision tools. heimatec angle heads are available in standard 90 ° version, recessed and slim design as well as in dual-spindle and +/- 90 ° adjustable versions.


The angled head tools


Tools for full processing on machining centers

Equipped with the heimatec u-tec tool changing system, rotatable through 360 ° and compatible with industry standard machining centers, the angled head range makes full processing possible on your machining centers.


Slim design range tools

BAZ Slim

Highest performance for individual applications

In addition to the comprehensive program of standard angled heads, heimatec offers a compact, high-performance slim design range, which has been specially developed for difficult contours and is ideal for small immersion diameters and large immersion depths.



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